Deterra holds six royalties in its existing portfolio:
  • Mining Area C
  • Yoongarillup (under two royalty agreements)
  • Eneabba
  • Wonnerup
  • St Ives
Only certain tenements related to royalties over the Yoongarillup Mineral Sands Mine and the Wonnerup Project are in production. See table below for further details.

Project Counterparty Location Project commodity Status Deterra revenue (2019) End of current mine life Royalty key terms Tenements

Yoongarillup Mineral Sands Mine

Doral Mineral Sands Pty Limited
(ACN 096 342 451)

South West, WA

Mineral sands


A$0.6 million

Q4 2020

2 per cent of revenue from sales of Minerals[1] [2]

R 70/52; M 70/458; M 70/459; M 70/641; R 70/39; R 70/56[3]
M 70/94; M 70/352; M 70/677; R 70/8; M 70/1033; M 70/812[4]

Eneabba Project

Sheffield Resources Limited
(ACN 125 811 083)

Mid West, WA

Mineral sands




1.5 per cent of gross revenue from sales of Minerals50

M 70/872; M 70/965; M 70/1153; R 70/35

Wonnerup Project (certain tenements)

Cable Sands (W.A.) Pty Ltd
(ACN 009 137 142)
(a subsidiary of Tronox Holdings plc)

South West, WA

Mineral sands




$0.70 per tonne of
Valuable Heavy Mineral[5]

M 70/360; M 70/569; M 70/785; M 70/792; M 70/942; M 70/1108; M 70/1117; R 70/10; R 70/11

St Ives Gold Project (certain tenements)

St Ives Gold Mining Company Pty Limited (ACN 098 386 273)

Eastern Goldfields, WA


No known activity



3 per cent of gross revenue[6]
(subject to royalties to previous holders of the tenements[7])

M 15/206; M 15/230; M 15/366; M 15/367; M 15/390; M 15/432; M 15/452; M 15/453; M 15/493; M 15/494; M 15/495

[1] The royalty payable by Doral Mineral Sands Pty Limited arises under two separate royalty contracts with the same terms.
[2] ‘Minerals’ refers to naturally occurring substances obtained or obtainable from the tenements by mining carried out on or under the surface of the land.
[3] These tenements relate to the first royalty contract with Doral Mineral Sands Pty Limited.
[4] These tenements relate to the second royalty contract with Doral Mineral Sands Pty Limited.
[5] ‘Valuable Heavy Mineral’ refers to zircon, rutile, ilmenite, anatose and other titanium dioxides, leucoxene, monazite and cassiterite.
[6] Royalty is payable on revenue from minerals and mineral bearing substances derived from ore mined and treated.
[7] Deterra is obliged to pay a royalty of 1.96 per cent of the net value of sales to Alkormy Pty Ltd and a royalty on sales of the first 1 million tonnes of production from tenement M 15/390 of $0.60 per tonne of ore recovered to three individuals. Royalty payments in respect of tenement M 15/390 are not payable to Alkormy Pty Ltd until the royalty arrangement with the three individuals has expired.
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